Our story...

Honeyspoon was started by a Berkshire beekeeper who is passionate about beekeeping with one hive becoming two and two becoming four and so on...

The welfare of the bees will always come first but any surplus honey we have is removed from our hives or supplemented from other ethical beekeepers and made available through the Honeyspoon website, giving everyone the opportunity to taste our delicious raw local honey.

Natural honey will have a distinct flavour note depending on where the bees have been foraging.

Raw honey will granulate or become solid over time, this is a mark of good, natural honey that has not been heat treated. You can make granulated honey runny again by slowly warming it up, by placing the jar with the lid loosened in a pan of warm water.

Creamed honey or (set) honey is still 100% honey, (no dairy products involved) but churned over time until it takes on a buttery consistency, best served on buttered toast or on crumpets.

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